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At DanceMode KWB we believe in giving every child the positive encouragement and self belief they may lack to teach them that they can do anything they set their minds to!

Not only do we teach them the main disciplines in performing arts, but we help build their personalities and confidence for their everyday lives. DanceMode classes are a fantastic way to make new friends whilst being opened up to the exciting world of performing arts!

Our aim at DanceMode KWB is to give children the highest standard of technique in each discipline.

During our class’s children can feel safe to express their feelings and emotions as they participate in something that is different to any other hobby. DanceMode children become /are a very close group of friends everyone is made to feel welcome and part of our family.

We offer FREE TRIALS to all new students.

Parent: DanceMode comes very highly recommended. My daughter has been attending since DanceMode began and I have never had any worries or concerns. She has loved every minute of it, lots of fun dancing, acting and singing, lovely staff and lovely children attend.

We teach all the foundations of commercial dance to the highest standard. Looking at partner work, hiphop styles, sharp dynamic isolations and all the funky ‘current’ steps they so often see on TV. We also encourage lots of energy and personality, which help our students to be individual and free to express themselves. Our routines are based around  street dance and commercial hip hop, using the latest songs they hear on the radio. DanceMode believe in strong dance technique and train the children to be professional, strong dancers in a fun, safe environment.

We work on several different acting and improvisation skills that encourage and build imagination, confidence and concentration. We encourage voice projection and work on dictation making the children confident to produce solo and group work to large audiences. Using fun games to encourage these techniques really helps the children grow and bond with the other students whilst having a great time!

Do you want to be a WESTEND STAR, then these are the classes for you! Incorporating Drama, Singing & Movement learning from some of the best teachers in the industry. We make Musical Theatre fun and exciting for our students, opening up the amazing world of Musical Theatre and all it’s hit songs! We also give our best students the chance to audition for current musicals in the Westend, including Matilda & School of Rock!

Lyrical & Contemporary classes are designed to help develop strong technique and flexibility. We aim to work on basic dance techniques including turns, big jumps and high kicks. The classes encourage the children’s performance skills and help engage their emotions. We still like to keep our classes trendy and cool so only use the children’s favourite popular slow songs they hear on the radio. These classes will leave you feeling free to express yourself and dance like never before in a safe, friendly environment.

American Tap classes are a modern spin on the classic Tap class! Using lots of funky, beaty popular songs, we teach the children all the cool tap steps and work on lots of funky, fun rhythms the children all make with their feet! These classes have no set syllabus so the children do not get board learning the same exercises each week to the same boring music. Instead we mix it up by teaching and dancing to various well known songs and go at the class pace building up their tap vocabulary.

These classes are great fun for any child whose bursting with energy! Whether it be to learn some fun tricks to show off to their friends or to improve their dance training. Tumbling and break dancing tricks are a must for any student who wants to consider a dance career in the future or be considered for our competition teams. These classes have a limited space availability to help give every child the up most highest standard of training and personal time with our professional coaches.

Safety is a must and all classes are equipped with soft mats and are spotted at all times. The children work on all tumbling and break dance tricks as well as building strength, balance, flexibility and confidence. Classes are broken down to Intermediate and Beginner levels and have a ‘high progressing’ success rate. Please see our social media pages for some examples of what the children have been learning.

These classes are held exclusively for the most ‘talented’ and ‘passionate’ children at DanceMode.

The classes endure harder training such as more advanced routines, acrobatics & gymnastics tricks and flexibility work. They are trained intensely by Nicole and huge guest choreographers and dancers in the business, handing the opportunity to work weekly with some of the best in the industry. The Elite Squad represent DanceMode KWB in huge outside competitions, events, shows and also have the chance to take higher examinations.

Every child interested will have to audition to be a part of this very exclusive group unless they are invited to join the team. These classes will only be for the 100% committed and must be dedicated to working hard and attending all rehearsals (unless a valid excuse is provided).

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