Exam Presentation & Awards Ceremony

As always our students have reached new levels, with results flying high into the 90s!! Their hard work and dedication to their DanceMode classes has truly paid off and we are so happy with their IDTA Freestyle Exam results! 100+ students of all ages took their exams in January and no child was awarded lower than 87%!! After a fantastic Exam Presentation and Awards Ceremony we can finally share our top results with you for 2018! We must sent a huge congratulations to students Lauren Phillips & Emma Turner who were awarded overall best result on the day, an amazing 99%!!

Well done to every student involved, you make us so proud!


Rosettes: Every student who took their Rosette exam PASSED

1D1: Grace Niblock 92% HONOURS

1D3: Lily Stoner 94% HONOURS

Bronze: Abbas Andrakakos 98% HONOURS

Bronze: Anna Newbold 98% HONOURS

Double Bronze: Lauren Phillips 99% HONOURS

Double Bronze: Emma Turner 99% HONOURS

Silver: Libby Hobbs 96% HONOURS



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