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We are always finding new and exciting opportunities for the children to get involved in. We believe it is important to give the children as many different experiences as performers as possible. Not only does this give the children something to work towards in classes but it also gives them a chance to show off their new skills to friends and family.


DanceMode KWB hold our Summer Shows in theatres all over Kent. This is a great chance for all our schools to get together and perform in huge venues in front of all their friends and family. This truly gives the children a taste of what it feels like to be a STAR on a professional stage. Our latest show was held at the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks and was a HUGE success. All the children have the chance to audition for main role’s and extra selected dance numbers as well as learning routines with their After School Clubs and Private Dance Clubs. We go full out with costumes, hair and make-up and teach the children how to perform and behave as if they were in the West End. Our shows are a wonderful experience and give the children an amazing buzz.

Street Dance Competitions

 DanceMode KWB hold our own ‘friendly’ in house Street Dance Competitions that all our children are invited to attend. These are run exactly how the Street Dance Championships are run but without the added pressure. They are a great experience for all the children to get an insight into the world of competing which they see so much of on TV and Films, as well as having the chance to win big trophies and prizes. All children are awarded with taking part medals so no one goes away empty handed and everyone leaves with a feeling of brilliance and accomplishment.

Our Competitive teams take part in huge open Street Dance Championships all over Kent, click here for more information.

Special Events

We are always finding amazing experiences for the children to get involved in. Whether it be on TV, performing at iconic venues or working with West End stars we always have something up our sleeve for the children to get stuck into. To date we have filmed for the CBBC, danced at Twickenham Stadium put on workshops with top west end stars and performed at Disneyland Paris.

IDTA Exams

 DanceMode KWB provides all children the chance to take their IDTA Freestyle Street Dance Examinations. These are great fun and a very positive experience, which help teach the children the art of working hard leads to success and reward. The children learn their routines in their classes with us and once ready, will be performed to an IDTA Examiner. DanceMode hold the exam pass rate of 100% with highest marking at 98%. Every child who takes their IDTA Exam receives a IDTA trophy with their name engraved, a certificate and pass mark.

There are different levels of examinations which the children can take depending on age, ability and class depends on what exam your child will take.

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