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  • "Wow, Wow, Wow! What a fantastic show. It was a stunning performance, so slick and professional. You said you were so proud of the kids and I saw all the hugs you got as they left the stage - they were very proud of you, as was everyone in the theatre. It was a huge undertaking and what an achievement to carry it off so successfully."
    ~ Audience Member
  • "All the teachers are really fun and nice!"
    ~ Georgia (Age 5)
  • "Well, I wanted to say I thought the show was fantastic and amazing.  I have been to loads of dance shows as my niece is a keen dancer too and I really thought yours was the best I have seen because it was so fast paced and superbly choreographed. The children were very professional and the dances were really entertaining.  I know that my girls were on such a high when it had finished and felt it was worth all those extra rehearsals. Well done Nicole, you put your heart and soul into this performance and all the mums I have spoken to also thought it was brilliant. Big hug to you."
    ~ Audience Member
  • "There are many reasons why I enjoy DanceMode Classes, but the reason I love them the most is that I am never bored!"
    ~ Miriam (Age 8)
  • "Wow, we were literally bowled over Nicole. What a fantastic performance, it was so professional and entertaining! Very well done from all of us , you truly pulled off a masterpiece! Clara had such a fantastic time , thank you for giving her the experience!"
    ~ Audience Member
  • "Both girls were ecstatic with their Exam Results and I was too to have only been going since October I was amazed at how well they done. For (X) she now wants to strive to excel at the next exams, and for (X) the confidence and achievement she felt she did not stop smiling and is also looking forward to the next one, she couldn't wait to share her trophy with those close to her. Your hard work and constant encouragement is honestly refreshing often, as yourself will know, not many take the time with kids like (X). I wanted to take the time to thank you for all you do every week at dance. You’re part of something much bigger than teaching kids to dance you’re giving them confidence, a sense of achievement, responsibility, encouragement, opportunity, and most importantly showing hard work can be fun and rewarding! You do amazing and just wanted you to know I'm so grateful."
    ~ Lisa
  • "DanceMode comes very highly recommended. My daughter has been attending since DanceMode began and I have never had any worries or concerns. She loves every minute of it, lots of fun dancing, acting and singing, lovely staff and lovely children attend."
    ~ Parent
  • "We had completely underestimated what you were creating and how many children were involved. Our girls have danced on and off since they were babies and we have never witnessed a production of the calibre that you displayed last night. All of the children were amazing. The show was so full of energy. Lucy has always been a confident kid but to see her singing like that in front of such a big audience was incredible. The difference in Sophie in particular since she has been with you is incredible. Never before has she had the self belief or confidence to perform. To see her up on that stage smiling and enjoying every moment made us burst with pride and happiness. We were having the most amazing evening anyway but your recognition of her achievement just blew us away. Thank you doesn't begin to cover what we want to say. We hope you can begin to understand the importance of what you have done for her and our appreciation for that . You should feel proud, satisfied and triumphant. It was a masterpiece."
    ~ Audience Member

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